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Fantastic Classes and Community
Nic and her team have created a wonderful sense of community and support for ladies at all levels of fitness. When I wanted to up my fitness after moving to a new area and having a baby, I wasn’t sure where to start but Nic was welcoming and offered a range of classes that made it easy to find what suited me.
Posted by Alex on 27 December 2023
1:1 PT sessions are a must !
January 2023 was when I decided I really needed to up my game in regards to my fitness if I wanted to lose weight, tone up and feel better about myself. As well as continuing with some weekly Pink Laydeez classes, I started 1:1 PT sessions once per week with Nic where she developed a personalised plan to suit my aims, ability and fitness interests.

It’s been a tough journey at times as Nic has pushed me in a multitude of ways in order to achieve progress and positive results. Despite working hard each session I have loved every minute and it makes it feel so much more rewarding when I notice the results.

My health has taken a bit of a bettering this year alongside my mental wellbeing but the ambition and drive that I have gained from being mentored by Nic has kept me stay focused and on track to succeed.

Nic supported me not only through my PT sessions but by devising a meal plan that 100% works around a busy lifestyle. Sneaky snacking and large unhealthy portion sizes are now a thing of the past. I allow myself treats but they are in moderation and I know I need to work them off first!

I’ve been on nights out, holidays abroad and have the odd takeaway treat but I’ve managed to “get back on it” as life is about living after all.

Some weeks my body and mind is not willing to take on this healthier lifestyle choice but by chatting things over with Nic, I learnt not to be too hard on myself and allow for rest days and fun also. This is a prime example of the support and realistic goals Nic provides as she understands that life can be hard on us all.

The encouragement from Nic, slight adjustments and reminders to be kind to ourselves is part of the reason why I have achieved what I set out to do. Regular health checks, fitness and weight testings are built into my PT sessions to monitor my progress and to allow Nic to set me further progressional targets.

Since starting my 1:1 sessions, I’ve got a love for exercise not a dread, I feel good about my body and my health is slowly improving.

In addition to achieving my targets, I have also surprised myself my lifting a lot heavier weights in the gym (apparently I now have guns lol), I’ve bought my first size 8 trousers in a very long time and above all I’m happy.

If you ever need that little push to get back on track then Nic is your person! I’d highly recommend with a 5 star plus 🌟 rating.

As I look forward to a new year, for me it’s about enjoying my festive holidays and returning to my now normal lifestyle with fitness classes and PT sessions built in. It’s all about maintenance, further enjoying my fitness and also onto my next target…. Here’s to the next challenge!
Posted by Eilidh on 20 December 2023
Pink laydeez
I have just joined pink laydeez a few months and all the leaders and members are so supportive and encouraging. They push you to be the best you and for this I love the group xx
Posted by Gillian Hume on 18 December 2023
Fri 9.20
I joined Pink ladies as I’ve always exercised daily for the past 13 years (walked, swim , cycled, bit of running just generally keeping fit) but after I turned 40 in 2021 I was eager not to put on that extra weight, lose me flexibility, fitness levels etc. I had never been to a class in my life but had always exercised on my own.
Whilst the other 6 days I week I still exercise independently I absolutely love my Friday class! Love that I push myself and I feel like I’ve worked hard and all the people are so friendly and welcoming and down to earth. It helps keep me going the rest of the week.
There are loads of other classes available too. Can’t recommend it enough and I’m so pleased I came along that first day!
Nicola should be so proud of what she has created.
Posted by Lynne Lawrie on 18 December 2023
Love our community
The support and encouragement you get from Nic and the community is amazing. Everyone cares for each other, no one is judged on your level of fitness, you do what you can and alternatives are always available. The options on classes are great, with lots to choose from. So glad i am part of this community 🙌
Posted by Jane on 17 December 2023
Posted on 17 December 2023
Supportive community of runners!
Posted on 17 December 2023
Pink ladyeez
Posted on 17 December 2023
Posted on 17 December 2023
Fitness Family
Posted on 17 December 2023
pINkOUTz & Saturdays P5
Posted on 31 January 2022
Posted on 10 July 2018
I'm hooked!
Posted on 06 June 2018
Pink laydeez are awesome!
Posted on 01 August 2017
LOVE this club!
Posted on 31 July 2017
Proud to be Pink
Posted on 29 May 2017
Pink laydeez rule'
Posted on 29 May 2017
No Title
Posted on 17 May 2017
Posted on 17 May 2017
Best club ever!!
Posted on 17 May 2017
Pink laydeez
Posted on 17 May 2017
Posted on 17 May 2017
No Title
Posted on 18 April 2016
Posted on 18 April 2016
Pink Laydeez
Posted on 18 April 2016
No Title
Posted on 18 April 2016
Pink laydeez x
Posted on 18 April 2016
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