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              Nicola Bird - Owner/Manager, Senior Fitness Instructor & Senior Jog Leader

(Centre of photo below)

Hi I'm Nic, I'm the one who started off this crazy community we now call the Pink Laydeez! I manage the group and also instruct, jog lead/help actively at sessions on top of my full time job as an Accounts Controller. I couldn't be prouder of what we've evolved to become in the past 6 years - we've grown from around 10 members to over 50, 1 session per week to 3 now and sometimes I am in awe at how!

Relevant Qualifications: Level 2 Gym & ETM Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer (Nutrition, Outdoor Exercise, Circuits, Advanced Resistence & Newton Running Workshops included), INSANITY Instructor, JogScotland Jog Leader, Licensed Athletics Coach & Trainee Sports Massage Therapist (Qualified Swedish)

Likes: I actually really love running it gives me such a buzz and it really helps me when I need to escape and just have me time!

Dislikes: Up until recently I didn't like eggs or fish but after doing my own GET FIT WITH NIC plan I quite like them - ha! I really really don't like studying, but unfortunately to get through my sports massage exam I'm just going to have to face it and in the end it will be beneficial to both me and my clients!

What Pink Laydeez means to me: Pink Laydeez has taken over my life...I can't deny it... You come to our sessions and I can tell if it's for you or not before you even can and that's because we are a group of very diverse and unique females!  We're not your average fitness group we are more than that - we gasp, sweat, laugh and cry with each other - at any time! We share our experiences with one another, we help each other and nobody is scared to speak up its crazy. I might manage the community and hold it together but the Laydeez within it make it what it is. I have great staff and clients and I respect everyone individually as they are - that goes for anyone past or present. So back to what it means to me - well that's easy it's camaraderie for me!

Dawn Owenson - Senior Jog Leader, Senior Instructor & Communications Champ

​Hi my name is Dawn. 

I joined the pink laydeez in August 2014 after I had done the moonwalk and wanted another challenge. I had started the couch to 5km program but found it hard to keep motivated by myself. The encouragement I received from the group was overwhelming! In May 2015 I completed my first half marathon (still can't believe I done it!)

So, after all the help I received from the L​ayd​eez, I decided I would become a jog leader/helper to pay the support forward.  You will usually find me towards the back of the group encouraging our

​Laydeez on to the end of the route every week. I love the energy and banter we have every week, we are not just a running club we are a running family! 

Donna Robertson - Senior Jog Leader 

Work: Accountant, Lloyds Banking Group

Likes:  Running, Circuits, Going to concerts and festivals, Cinema and Netflix

Dislikes: Sit ups, Bran flakes and Celery

I joined Pink Laydee in August 2015 after having my daughter and was looking for a way to get fit and lose weight as well as getting to know the area better as hadn’t long moved to Bonnyrigg.  I was a non-runner and wanted to be able to complete a 5k and it had been a few years since I had done any exercise.  I had tried a few other couch to 5k groups, but I didn’t feel very welcome and sometimes felt like I was keeping them back.  Pink Laydeez was completely different everyone was very supportive and encouraging!

I completed my first 10k in May 2016 and first Half in Sept 16 which I never believed I could do, it was totally due to the encouragement from the ladies and the challenges set by Nic that I began to believe in my abilities.  In July 2016 I became a Jog helper/leader to support new members (& Nic) and enable them to meet their goals as I did.  I now enjoy many of the classes they don’t feel like hard work as you are spending fun time with the friends I have made since joining this group of Fab ladies.  I now have a healthier life style and I’m training for my second marathon which I hope to complete in May 2018.   

Jessica Knox - Senior Instructor & Senior Jog Leader

Hi I’m Jess and I’m a trainee fitness instructor. I joined the Pink Laydeez in June 2018 after running my first half marathon. I really enjoyed running but had only ever done it on my own and after completing my goal I had lost the motivation. The laydeez were so welcoming and friendly and socialising on the move really made it far more enjoyable. I have a real passion for how physical exercise can help a persons overall well-being, so I jumped at the opportunity to become a group exercise instructor and start to give back to this amazing community! It’s a wonderful group who are all so supportive of one another and I cannot wait to help other members achieve their goals the way Nic and the team have helped me achieve mine.

Lauren Martin - Jog Leader & Senior Fitness Instructor

Looking at family photos made me realise my little boy is now 3 and I can't blame my body fat on him anymore...as I was enjoying my takeaway sitting on the sofa haha!

I needed someone to help me on my journey to lose weight...when I met Nicola my lifestyle changed, I've got a lot more energy and can count on one hand how many take aways I've had since. I've also dropped a dress size in 6 months all thanks to Nicola for putting in the hard work making each class/session different, keeping us "pinks" on our toes, and to my pink family who welcomed me and continue to support each other every time we meet.

My likes; a challenge, exercise, singing (screeching), eating, my amazing family and friends!

My dislikes; not reaching my full potential...I do get a little competative with my left and right foot haha.

Come along to a session and see what you have been missing! I only wish I met the girls sooner!

TP (",)

Sam Louden - Senior Jog Leader & Mental Health Champ

(Right of photo below)

Hi my name is Sam and I joined Pink Laydeez in 2016. Before I started I was not much of a “runner” but after having my little boy I found it difficult to fit in exercise around him and work commitments so running seemed to be something that was easier to work around family life. It turns out that running in a group is much more fun than on your own, especially in a group as supportive as the Pink Laydeez! It is also works really well for me as a stress reliever and has made me more productive at work. Last year I ran my first half marathon and I would never have been able to do this without the encouragement and support from Nic and the Pink Laydeez community. This community is what exercise should be about – encouraging each other to be healthy, reach our goals and have loads of fun!

Eilidh Zielinski -  Senior Jog Leader

Hey I’m Eilidh, I became a Pink Lady in 2016 and more recently have undergone my training towards becoming a Jog Helper. It all started when I wanted to drop a dress size or two for my wedding. This target also developed into a drive to become more healthy as well as an excuse to have a laugh with my pink family. I once hated running and would dread exercise especially in the gym however quickly after joining this amazing group I realised that exercise was in fact fun. The range of classes which I attend and the support from the amazing Nic and other laydeez has enabled me to achieve my goals and more. Not only have I become more fit, healthy and active but my mental health has also improved. My recent decision to become a Jog Helper was fuelled by the positive experiences I have encountered in this amazing group to date. I was once the beginner who struggled to find self motivation or to run more than 1k. I was the person who despised exercise and would avoid it at all costs as I didn’t know where and how to start. Now I want to provide the support and guidance to people who need that extra little encouragement to achieve their goals and feel better for doing so. There is no better place in doing this than Pink Laydeez, a fantastic and hugely supportive community who’s ultimate aim is to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles and above all have fun whilst achieving our personal goals!

Elise Rayment - Senior Jog Helper

Hi I’m Elise, a freelance Graphic Designer and mum to two young boys. I joined Pink Ladeez In January 2017 about a year after having my second child. I have always been a keen runner but needed a bit of extra motivation and push to get out and hopefully meet like minded people. Pink ladeez has given me the confidence to get to know the local areas and learn some great new running routes. I have learnt more about fitness, health and wellbeing and I have gained a great support network and friendships along the way. I have even tried classes outside of my comfort zone and loved them. Nic has been brilliant, not only is she someone I can rely on for support and motivation but has become a great friend too.

There is always opportunities for an event or something to train for and there has been many a road trip with lots of laughs along the way. I did not expect to gain such a strong sense of community and friendship.

Pink ladeez is great at encouraging and motivating people of all fitness levels and I love that as a jog leader I can help to be a part of this great community.

Mandy Scott - Senior Fitness Instructor & Senior Jog Leader

Hi, I'm Mandy and I'm a trainee fitness instructor and jog helper with the Pink Laydeez. I joined in January 2020 when a friend recommended Nic as the perfect running coach to guide me towards my first ever marathon. Covid put paid to that plan but in the Pink Laydeez I found such a fabulous community and my involvement within it has grown more than I could ever have imagined.

I've been a solo runner and fitness fanatic for over 20 years with just a full marathon still on my bucket list - 2022 will hopefully tick that box. Just as I was facing redundancy in 2021 from a marketing role I'd had for 19 years, Nic advertised for new fitness instructors and I truly felt the words were speaking directly to me as I was this cross-roads in my life. I'm now close to completing my level 2 qualification in circuits and HIIT and have also recently completed a jog leading course. It's like a dream come true to have taken my passion for fitness to another level thanks to the Pink Laydeez and I'd encourage anyone, no matter what stage you're at on your fitness journey, to give the Pink Laydeez a go - you won't be disappointed!

By day, I'm a marketing manager, married to Ali and mum to Grace and Finlay who all keep me on my toes almost as much as my love of running and exercise.

Josie Nicholson - Jog Leader

Hi I’m Josie,

By day I’m a project manager for a bank, and also a mum to 3 lovely girls.

I joined pink ladies in 2021 when my youngest was just a few months old. I started with a class a week, and this then grew into more classes and joining the runs as well. 

I’m so pleased I joined the running with Pink Laydeez, as it’s given me the confidence and support to increase my runs. And in 2022 I completed my first half marathon, closely followed by a second!  

I love being part of the community, we are a lovely bunch of ladies who support each other with fitness goals. The groups are a laugh, and I’ve made good friends through it. 

I’m really pleased to be doing Jog Leader training to support our community.

Naomi Henderson - Jog Leader

Hello all!

I'm Naomi, I joined pink ladies at the end of 2019 as a start to motivate myself to lose weight. Through the pandemic I stuck to running to keep myself san - with the help of the ladies!

Pink ladies has given me the motivation and encouragement to enjoy running. Over the last 2 years I have completed 5 half marathons and one full marathon, about to take up my second marathon (nervous) it's a great place to get fit and meet some really great people!


Kayleigh Morris - Pilates & Yoga Instructor,

Trainee Jog Leader & Trainee Fitness Instructor

Hi I'm Kayleigh, I started off as a PT client with Nic to prehab before getting hip surgery. Post surgery, I joined Pink Laydeez in January 2023 to find myself and my body again. By day I work in the NHS in OD, Learning and Wellbeing, but my core NHS skill sits as a former nurse practitioner.

I love that Pink Laydeez is not just a class or an arranged run, it’s a community that builds up and supports every member.  I love the variety of classes and you will most likely find me at Power or more recently Pink Supremacy. Pink Laydeez supports my accountability in my own fitness journey, but also allows me to share some of my passions with others in the form of Pink Flex. 

Relevant Qualifications: Level 3 Diploma in Matwork Pilates, Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Yoga, Pound and Generation Pound Instructor, Level 3 Award in supporting Pre and Postnatal clients with Exercise and Nutrition, Stretch and Relax, JogScotland Jog Leader & Trainee Gym Instructor.

Likes: Lifting weight’s, cold water dipping, paddleboarding and pushing myself outside my comfort zone really lights me up. You only have one life so need to experience everything at least once.

Dislikes: Burpees!

Lesley Robertson - Trainee Jog Leader 

Hey, I’m Lesley, a fund accountant from Midlothian and jog helper with Pink Laydeez. I joined the community in May 2019 to help keep me on track for my debut half marathon, which I successfully completed in August 2019. I instantly met a tonne of new friends who have kept me motivated and challenged in the years since. Like many, I took a short break from training after the pandemic, but have recently rejoined to get wedding-ready. When not working or running, I like to go walking or get lost on a hill with my dog, Murphy and fiancé. Pink Laydeez is a great community to join to make friends and keep you motivated, fit and healthy.


Vicky Logan - Trainee Jog Leader 


I’m Vicky, and I didn’t do exercise!

I randomly joined my neighbour on one of her PT sessions with Nic and can honestly say I’ve never looked back!

I started out with couch to 5km and worked my way up, but always running on my own as and when I could fit it in around two young boys. 

I joined one of the PL classes and have been going weekly since Aug 2022. I’ve also been doing PT with Nic since then too.

I feel lucky to be part of the Pink Laydeez community - such a lovely bunch of welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental, encouraging women!

I’ve completed a few challenges along the way, did Get Fit with Nic twice and completed my first half marathon in Sept 23.

Now that my boys are a little older, I feel it’s now a good time to give something back, pay it forward and support more laydeez around the community with their own fitness journeys. 

It’s been such a journey and so glad I went on that random PT session with my neighbour on a dark wet night in Bonnyrigg park!

Sarah McCall - Trainee Jog Leader

Anne Currie - Trainee Jog Leader

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